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Re-shaping the business culture through community investment.
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Adriana Pavon


VIP Dinners :: Mogul Interviews :: Experiential Learning 

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Cultural exchanges :: Entrepreneurship :: Philanthropy


The GOOD BY DESIGN campaign focuses on education, sustainable housing for the ones in need and the well-being and the financial recovery of the Latino artisan community. The 12-month campaign features chef table dinners in select cities as the highlight of 3-day weekend events in partnership with local business owners engaging their community in a mindful way bringing together a gastronomic experience, music, art, and community activities.

  • FRIDAY 5-9 PM 

Opening VIP Reception & Gastronomic Experience. Local business owners engaging in conversation on the reactivation of the Hispanic market whose purchasing power is expected to be nearly $1.7 trillion. The VIP reception includes a private art/fashion show and preview of the market, gift bags and a dinner with a celebrity Top Chef, followed by a mezcal tasting and music.  Interviews by Stanford Radio.

  • FRIDAY 7:30 -9 PM

The Dining Experience is open to the public to enjoy the art, music. and culinary options. We envision the event to be featured in lifestyle publications and covered by the local news stations featuring our local sponsors.

  • FRIDAY  12-3 PM

An afternoon of Influencers and Experts take part on a conversation of binational opportunities and Experiential Art Workshops where their children can participate in sponsored workshops that provide art as self-expression while the adult family members indulge in a fine dinning lunch and happy hour of mezcal tasting.  

The one day weekend  will engage the business community and will raise funds for programing benefitting binational communities and programing for human investment.STEAM programs and DIGNIFIED housing where Good Social initiatives and Business Impact by Design!

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Good by Design is positioned to be a cultural liaison in business, cultural and social perspectives in an organic platform for storytelling across digital and media outlets.

Video: Originally produced, stylized content featuring a competition series, panel discussions, industry mogul interviews, and communities benefiting from social good.

TikTok: Weekly entries from competitors, musings from celebrity influencers, fresh industry commentary, re- caps from MCP events, top 10 followers photos featured and more.

Social Media: Thought provoking conversations starters, local audience contest, info sharing with industry partners, MCP announcements for goals achieved on social impact.


Editorial: MCP will create monthly content to share with our partners as we feature one guest and one Mexican artist who collaborate to create a solution for a social problem or a utilitarian product creating positive social impact.

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The campaign kicks off in Los Angeles!!!!!    

10 participants :: One Month :: Cultural exchanges

Check out the PREVIOUS  challenges!! 

Engaging today’s digitally focused media marketplace, where compelling content is king. 

Good by Design has developed as an organic liaison in business, cultural and social storytelling across digital and media platforms

Through a national competition, local participants will work on tasks related to design and will be challenged to find solutions for problems of utility, sustainability, and adaptability to larger markets.

           Experiential Learning :: Entrepreneurship :: Social Responsibility

GBD in partnership with MCP looks to create sustainable solutions with a penchant for unique and accessible designs that appeal both to the design community and to the culturally nuanced end consumer. One of the local participants will earn a trip to visit the MCO studio to collaborate with our featured artist in Oaxaca, Mexico. They will help to develop solutions to problems faced by underprivileged communities which can generate glocal impact.

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